Just in for all James Callis lovers. The very long-awaited 'Meet Pursuit Delange' has been selected to premiere at the Raindance Film Festival. Check the following info the official website and details. Yaaay! More James!!

Check out Meet Pursuit Delange starring James Callis at

Lots of video clips and outtakes and even a casting session.

The official website has gone live and it has been selected to be screened/premiered at the Raindance Film Festival (the UK's leading indie film festival).


News just in that James has a pivotal and mysterious (and sexxxyyy!) role in FlashForward.

And, James is going to be a regular cast member of season four's Eureka, playing a sexxxxyy! doctor.

More details to come!

And also, Reuniting the Rubins is set to get it's first official airing at Cannes Film Festival.

Gah! Dizzy from all this James news!